Knights of the Climate Covenant

Protectors of the Planet

The Knights of the Climate Covenant are committed to each other and to protecting the future of the Earth and the human race. There’s no time to waste; to borrow a line from another famous collection of noble protectors, we must be “All for one and one for all!” Regardless of how much any one of us can do, what we can specifically contribute, our gender, race, nationality or socioeconomic status…

We are all Knights of the Climate Covenant

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Take the Pledge. Save the Planet.

The Climate Covenant

There’s something powerful about making a promise in writing and putting your signature to it. The act makes the promise more concrete, more real, which means we’re more likely to think about it when making decisions and, ultimately, more likely to keep the promise. It helps us consistently maintain our integrity, if not for others then at least for ourselves. That’s what The Climate Covenant is all about. Join us!

Sign up here, then download and sign the pledge today. It costs nothing but your promise, and there are absolutely no additional obligations.

Amplifying Front-Line Activists & Journalists

Shout out your commitment to fighting the climate crisis with Knights of the Climate Covenant gear–stickers, patches, T-shirts and the like. Proceeds are used to reach more people and amplify the messaging of local, regional and national advocacy organizations and climate-focused news outlets. We also encourage you to support their work directly.

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